Why should I consider a nursing bridge program?

If you’re a nurse who wants to take your career to the next level, but you don’t want to go back to school full-time, RN bridge programs may be the right fit for you. These nursing bridge programs consider your nursing experience and help you earn your nursing degree at an accelerated pace. These programs ‘bridge’ the gap from one skill level to a more advanced one without going through a traditional degree program.

Why should I consider a nursing bridge program?

What is a Nursing Bridge Program?

If you work as an LPN or a nurse’s aide, you probably possess some type of license. Nursing bridge programs support you as you move to the next academic level. No matter if you’re moving from an LPN or CNA, nursing bridge programs build on your existing knowledge and make it quicker and easier to become a registered nurse.

Going the typical route, through a traditional college, you can expect to spend two to four years becoming a registered nurse, but if you’re already an LPN or other medical professional, starting an LPN to RN bridge program can save you time and money.

Because nursing bridge programs take into account the skills you already have as a nurse, bridge programs are typically shorter than regular RN programs, which teach those without nursing experience. Bridge programs allow you to fast-track your nursing degree. How fast? With programs like Achieve Test Prep, you can finish up to 1.5 years faster!

Show Me Nursing Bridge Programs.

There are a couple of different degree types for RNs. You can earn an associate’s degree, typically taking about a year with an LPN to RN bridge program. You can also earn a bachelor’s degree, which takes two and a half to three years with an LPN to RN bridge program.

The Benefits of a Nursing Bridge Program

Not only do nursing bridge programs require less time than regular nursing programs, but they are also less expensive.

  • You get to do more as a nurse.

Completing a nursing bridge program opens the door for more responsibilities and allows you to do more as a nurse, such as get involved in more advanced procedures and enhanced patient care.

  • You don’t have to choose between work and your education.

Nursing bridge programs allow you to stay in the workforce while you pursue your RN degree. It can take almost forever to finish your degree if you’re only studying part-time and working fulltime. Luckily with bridge programs like the one offered by Achieve Test Prep and test-out options with Credit-by-Exam, you can finish your degree requirements up to 1.5 years faster.

  • You earn more money.

Because a nursing bridge program saves time, you can get your RN license quicker and start earning money sooner. As soon as you’re officially an RN, you’ll start making more money. How much money? According to the 2019 US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for an LPN is $47,480, while the average salary for an RN is $73,300.

How much does a Nursing Bridge Program cost?

With Achieve Test Prep’s Nursing Bridge programs, instead of taking expensive college courses, you’ll test out of them. That means, with our program, you’ll only pay for testing fees and test prep courses. Plus, all of your books and materials are free. Plus, you’ll still receive the same credits for the courses.

What do I need to start a bridge program?

It depends on the program. Most people who are already an RN can go directly into an accelerated BSN program. To enter all other nursing bridge programs, you need some healthcare experience to work towards an RN license or higher degree levels.

Is an Accelerated Nursing Bridge Program Right for You?

What Nursing Bridge programs are available with Achieve?

Achieve Test Prep offers a variety of nursing bridge programs, including…

  • LPN to RN
  • LPN to BSN
  • Paramedic to RN
  • Paramedic to BSN
  • CNA to RN
  • Medical Assistant to RN
  • EMT to RN
  • Respiratory Therapist to RN
  • Surgical Tech to RN
  • LPN to Nurse Practitioner
  • RN to BSN

Whatever nursing bridge program you are interested in, Achieve Test Prep is committed to showing you the fastest route to earning your degree. At Achieve Test Prep, we help you test out of prerequisites and other nursing courses so you can get your degree faster. Not only does this process get you licensed quicker, you may also save money on the cost of your degree.

Achieve Test Prep Can Help

If you’re thinking about going back for your RN or any other nursing program, Achieve Test Prep is here to help. Our accelerated nursing programs make achieving your degree easy and affordable.

Our bridge programs use Credit-by-Exam, where you can test out of nursing prerequisites and earn your RN or BSN degree at an accelerated pace. We combine the effectiveness of live instruction with the convenience of virtual learning to give you an experience that fits your needs.